25 septembre 2012


Shown on as a play in 1962 (Mitchell landing the part),                       become one the most popular television crime shows of all time since 1968 to 2003, will Columbo saga be completed throughout a movie ?                            This blog is dedicated to this goal pleading for a story bought by Universal in 1997 to be the base of the future script.  

This story was Fatal Break (click to get pdf) Peter Falk read in 1996.  One year later, a contract was signed off with the studio and the revision undertaken under supervision of Falk himself.  Despite it gave satisfaction, "it' s a great script" said Nancy Meyer, one of the Universal script supervisors, Fatal Break alas never went to production, possibly because of its potential cost:  many of of his scenes take place in eastern italian alps, the impressive Dolomites where Cliffanger first act was shot.  But  what was a negative factor according television standards can become a very plus in the context of film industry.

To do Columbo the movie, why not an American-French team ?

Steven Spielberg directed the 1st episode of Columbo once become a series in 1971.  It was Murder by the Book, one of the best Columbo episodes.  Before his first feature Dual, Spielberg's Columbo  is therefore his first film.  Known as a francophile, having shot several of his movies in France, my guess is:  Spielberg  directing  Columbo the movie with a French writing the script.

Let you discover here Fatal Break, both as a Columbo and as the uncredible story of a script born in Paris that had not the slightest chance to be read by Peter Falk then be bought by Universal.

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